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100% PURE™ Natural Body Lotion

Do you want silky smooth skin that glows with youthful vibrance? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! What about amazing skin without any of the side effects that often go with body lotions and other similar bath and body products? 100% PURE™ natural body creams and lotions are made with rich butters, hydrating oils and nutrient-rich vitamins to replenish your skin’s moisture so you can kick itchy, flaky irritated skin to the curb.

Intensive Nourishing Balm

Target extreme dry spots on your face and body with an Intensive Moisture Treatment from 100% PURE™. Made with a concentration of rich butters and nourishing oils like calming lavender, Intensive Moisture Treatment will help restore the moisture to your skin to soothe your dry patches for smooth and hydrated skin you love to be in.

Body Cream

Revitalize your skin and fight off signs of aging with 100% PURE™ nourishing body cream. Energizing green coffee promotes collagen production and blood circulation while potent anti-aging vitamins and nutrient-rich Vitamin C help brighten and tighten for more youthful, radiant skin. Deeply moisturizing cocoa and avocado butters help restore moisture and hydration for relief of your itchy, dry skin. Just to sweeten the deal, Nourishing Body Butter is available in delectable scents of french lavender, vanilla bean, honey almond, coconut, pink grapefruit, blood orange, mangosteen and eucalyptus, many of the same delicious scents found in our natural body wash.

Body Lotion

Great for all skin types, our Whipped Body Butter is a thick, creamy, decadent treat to deeply moisturize even the driest of skin. Soothing rose hydrosol and water-rich aloe vera work to restore hydration while blackcurrant oil and ultra-creamy cocoa and avocado butter moisturize and coat the skin with the moisture it craves. This natural body lotion works great all over the body and should be followed up with a natural body sunscreen for extra skin protection. Enjoy Whipped Body Butter in sweet scents of coconut, french lavender, vanilla bean, honey almond or energizing blood orange, eucalyptus, mangosteen and pink grapefruit

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