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Give your skin the hydrated, youthful glow you want (and the clean, fresh surface your natural makeup needs) with a natural toner from 100% PURE™. Not only will our natural toner help quench your skin’s thirst, but sweep away dirt, debris, and prep your skin for your most flawless  face makeup application ever. Pretty rad, right? 

At 100% PURE™, you’ll find the natural skin care products like face cleansers and natural moisturizers specially formulated to help you on your skincare mission, no matter if you’ve got oily, dry, sensitive, aging, or combination skin. SHOP OUR NATURAL TONERS TODAY!

What Is Toner, Anyway?

Toner is a water-like skin care product used after your natural face cleanser and exfoliator to clear any leftover dirt or debris from your skin’s surface. Toners have long been an essential in Korean skin care routines, helping to restore hydration and pH balance to the skin for a smooth and refreshed complexion. In fact, toners can even help reduce the chance for angry ingrown hairs from appearing after a wax or pluck by wiping away any bacteria or debris within the pores.

While many of today’s conventional toners contain dehytrating alcohols and irritating chemicals, 100% PURE™ natural toners are made of hydrating humectants and plant gels to help restore and preserve hydration to your skin. For this reason, we are able to offer natural toner for oily skin and natural toner for dry skin to best help you achieve your skin care goals.

The Best Natural Toner for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

The Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner is the tall glass of water your dry, thirsty skin is begging your for. With ultra-hydrating, vitamin-packed organic ingredients like sea kelp, algae, chia seeds and hyaluronic acid, this toner helps give your skin the mega boost of hydration it wants to strengthen, plump and protect your skin.

The Best Natural Toner for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Whether you need a boost of Vitamin C Serum, the hydrating relief of Argan Oil, or a Brightening Serum to revitalize dull looking skin for a more balanced, radiant complexion, 100% PURE™ has the serums and Intensive Nourishing Facial Oil your skin craves. Serums should be applied after cleansing and toning, followed up by a clean and pure facial oil.

The Best Natural Toner for Dull, Aging, Hyperpigmented Skin

Take your anti-aging skin care routine to the next level with 100% PURE™ Organic Fermented Rice Water Toner. Made with skin-lightening white burberry, melanin-regulating Sake and fine line-fighting Niacinamide, your skin will look more supple, your complexion more even, and your skin looking more youthful than ever. Follow up with our potent natural anti-aging products like a serum, eye cream and moisturizer for the gorgeous, glowing complexion you’ve always wanted.


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